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Who has been NAUTI

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Clean Tech

Bio-remediating Drone Development: Johannes made valuable contributions to the development of bio-remediating IoT box while helping out Wise Use BV to further comercialize their biological catalyst.

99% of Dutch waters fall below the accepted cleanliness standards. Despite data collection water pollution in the Netherlands is the worst of Europe , not plastics, not microplastics an oxygen depriving layer called —biological pollution.

We built Nauti: a Dutch Startup that uses data and bioremedies to combat this invisible enemy. Over the past six months, we’ve developed an IoT-powered solution for water vehicles. While data collection isn’t groundbreaking, here’s what sets us apart:

  • Nauti identifies pollution hotspots using sensor data
  • Calculates more precise biological remedies and cleanup strategies
  • Deploys them through an ejection mechanism

— all without a drop of harmful chemicals.

Governments and businesses can partner with Nauti through our freemium model for water health monitoring. Need in-depth insights? Our subscription service has you covered. Ready for action? We’re your go-to biological -cleanup service which offers long term water maintenance contracts and alternative business models.

Our three founders blend tech, business, and design to give nature the push in the back.

Join us in the swim against the current, towards a cleaner, healthier water ecosystem 

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