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2020-2022Not so Viabl after all...
Unleashing Tribal Essence: Exploring Purpose, Celebrating Colors, Crafting Traditions, and Honoring Aesthetics

Project Description


“Viabl” – a transformative platform that brings together the richness of tribal traditions and the expertise of skilled artisans in fashion, homeware, and art. Viabl is dedicated to empowering indigenous communities while offering a curated marketplace for individuals seeking unique and culturally significant products.

We aimed to generate an experience of excitement that consisted in discovering unique creations from indigenous tribes every month. Our curated selection showcases the remarkable talent and craftsmanship of tribes open to experimenting with alternative natural materials. We adapted to slow-market trends and employ no-waste logistics, ensuring that each item reflects our commitment to #NaturalMaterials and #ZeroWaste. You could Pre-order from our selection within a 10-day window and then eagerly anticipate the next chapter of exquisite creations.


Design Approach


Hand-Made Exclusively for You:

At Viabl, we believe in the value of craftsmanship and the importance of individuality. Once the pre-order window closes, we kindly request your patience as we embark on the creation process. Each item is unique and hand-made exclusively for you, ensuring that it transcends the limitations of mass production. In approximately 7 to 8 weeks, we will keep you updated on the progress, bringing you closer to the moment you receive your personalized masterpiece. Join us in embracing #EndMassProduction and celebrating the beauty of bespoke creations.

Honoring Traditional Techniques: Our artists employ traditional millenary techniques to weave their magic into each creation. We understand that true artistry takes time, typically requiring 4 to 5 weeks to complete. At Viabl, we stand by our commitment to never rush our artists. We believe that premium quality items that stand the test of time are worth the wait. Embrace the philosophy of #BuyLessBuyBetter as you anticipate receiving a meticulously crafted piece that will bring joy for years to come.

The Solution

  1. Unveiling the Journey from Artist’s Hands to Yours: Once the item is finished, Viabl takes on the responsibility of arranging the logistical path from the artist’s hands to yours. But it doesn’t stop there. Through our platform, you get to intimately know the artist behind the creation, learn about the exact place and location where your product originated, and gain insights into the meticulous process by which it was made. Immerse yourself in the story of each piece, deepening your connection to its cultural roots and the talented individuals who brought it to life.
  2. Supporting Indigenous Communities and Social Projects: With each purchase you make through Viabl, you actively support the indigenous communities behind the creations. We believe in making a meaningful impact, which is why we systematically reinvest 20% of our profits into local social projects. By choosing Viabl, you contribute to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, sustainable livelihoods for artisans, and the betterment of indigenous communities. Join us in creating positive change through #BeViabl, where every purchase becomes an opportunity for empowerment and upliftment.

Embrace the Viabl experience, where sustainable practices, cultural preservation, and social impact converge, creating a harmonious ecosystem that celebrates diversity and empowers indigenous communities.

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